About Us

Prabha Harjilal College of Pharmacy & Paraclinical Sciences is a self financing educational institution that has been set up in the State of Jammu & Kashmir at the Madr-e-Meharban Campus of Health Sciences at Chak Bhalwal, on Jammu-Akhnoor Road at Jammu. The institution happens to be the first College of pharmaceutical sciences in the State. With the establishment of center for pharmaceutical sciences education in the State, a long felt deficiency in higher education in the region has been addressed to. The College is expected to meet the aspirations of local youth who wish to pursue a career in this important technical discipline besides complementing the efforts of the State and the Central Governments in furthering the development of drug industry and pharmaceutical research in the State. Abundance of unexplored medicinal plant wealth in this northernmost hilly State calls for concerted efforts of public sector and private players in exploiting the attendant commercial potential. Accordingly, the present attempt by the promoter Trust of this College needs to be seen as an important step in laying the foundation of pharmacy education and research in the State.